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Put simply, there are three specific reasons that explain why it would be a good decision to utilize our services, specifically research analyses of the Middle East

I.      To be aware of situations as or before they happen in this region.

It is your responsibility to be aware of what is going on to the best of your abilities, and our goal is to help you achieve this goal. We will never waste your time with irrelevant information, especially with the volatile situations that frequently develop in this area, and work hard to keep you up to date.

II.      To understand what these events actually mean.

Dimpool’s research analyses are designed to explain what events implicate, and it is a common occurrence for uninformed people to have no clue regarding the importance—or unimportance—of specific events at specific times.

III.      To be prepared for the future.

Although what has already happened really matters, tomorrow’s events are far more important to us. It is Dimpool’s research that can help you be ready for any situation that may arise by understanding and interpreting past and current events.

When you cover these three areas with our research, you may soon discover that you no longer need any other outside research analyses, saving you money in the long run. Our in-depth information is provided not only as a service to you, but also as a method of enlightenment, which is the reason that we have dedicated ourselves to writing about the best and most pressing events as they occur throughout the world.

Right now, you can order analysis essays, research papers and articles covering multiple issues related to the countries mentioned below:

Iran, Iraq, Israel, Pakistan, Palestine, Syria and Turkey


We also provide special web-performance analyses and services for the politicians who wants to improve their social media and internet profiles.

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