Turkish PM Erdogan: the speedy transformation of an imperial puppet

Have you heard this famous quote ‘Marketing is everything … and everything is marketing’? I know it was originally meant for product sales, because admit it, you can have the best product engineering, financial backing and operational mastery … but in the end the success of your product is determined by how your customers perceive your product-your brand.

Louis Fishman

Some thoughts on Turkey’s “Parallel State” and corruption

Turkey’s Prime Minister, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, has recently been marketing a new term for Turkish public consumption: the “Parallel State.” This of course is a term that bears a striking resemblance to the familiar term, the “Deep State,” which describes the once anti-democratic forces within the Turkish establishment that prevented the will of the people from being realized, achieving this through violent means such as assassinations and extrajudicial killings of Kurds.

Ataturk, Ben-Gurion, and Turkey’s road not taken

Although they appear very far apart today, Israel and Turkey share common historical DNA. The two countries were forged in the same fire of post-World War I secularism, anti-imperialism, and ethnic nationalism; and they have both been tested by significant domestic and regional challenges.

Erdoğan is not Turkey’s only problem

Türkan Saylan was a trailblazing physician, one of Turkey’s first female dermatologists and a leading campaigner against leprosy. She was also a staunch secularist who established a foundation to provide scholarships to young girls so they could attend school.