What Have We Traded Humanity For? — Syria


17 January 2012

(This article was first published at Kimberly Jones’ blog – The Global Attitude)

Contributed by Ali Chubby
Contributed by Ali Chubby

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I have been told that our behavior is reflective of an expected outcome. If we aren’t getting adequate attention as a child, we might act out in order to receive the attention we desire. Later on in therapy, we determine it is just the attention we desire, not caring whether it is positive or negative.

What do you say about a man who massacres his own people for power? What is his motivation? What kind of attention is he trying to to acquire?

Of course Assad has a desperate motivation. He is trying to keep the keys to the kingdom. Assad really doesn’t care if the attention he gets is positive or negative. His father was a harsh man so the fact is, he is probably used to harsh attention from a very young age and it isn’t bothering him a bit. There is no guilting or shaming him out of doing the behavior. That does make him a formidable opponent because he doesn’t care about his people — in effect he sees them as dispensable. What he wants is land.

This is where he is clearly mixed up his concept of what Syria is. Assad sees Syria as a piece of land like many dictators have viewed their country. And, like many dictators have found out before him, this is faulty thinking. Syria is the people who make the government, laws, secure the border, history, culture, and everything else that happens. Without the people, Syria is dirt.

Here are a few quotes that were sent this morning over twitter:

  • Damascus’s dead city-hope get out of city,extremely irritating-feels under watch all time-not many ppl around.
  • Saharan News BREAKING: Renewal of heavy of gunfire in all areas in the city of Douma in Damascus Suburbs, according to LCC in #Syria
  • Syrians rally in support of army defectors: Demonstrations held in support of Free Syrian Army, as Arab League c… http://bit.ly/wVQrn1
  • Saharan News BREAKING: Tanks of the Syrian army broke into Dir Zour C
  • Russian-operated ship with bullets reaches Turkey #Syriamoneycontrol.com/news/wire-news
  • RT please #SAVE #innocents #HELP #Homs: #Syria regime tank attacking building & ignite fire http://bit.ly/xaT091 @UN #ICC
  • Monajed Syria rallies to support rebels as Russia backs Assad – Montreal Gazette #Syria #fb
  • Check out Assad’s media disinformation (so poorly done it is funny) – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pmQpjQw6lno
  • FSA http://j.mp/wVJq1b(01-13-2012) Al-Qusayr | #Homs | Defection of lieutenant colonel Moffaq Abdul Kareem Hamza


I wonder why the international community can sit back and allow Assad to continue on his mission to “alienate anyone who can be considered a risk to The Regime”. When he made that statement during his televised speech last week, he was clearly speaking of stepping up the assault against his own people and attacking foreign journalists and observers who may carry any negative message out of the Kingdom. In the meantime, the Regime is primarily left struggling to make ends meet.

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According to Ausama Monajed, Syrian National Council, and Syrian Revolution News Round Up Syria’s statistics since March are as follows.  If this doesn’t call you to action, I will continue to work on you!

  • Syrians Killed:  6413
  • Children Killed: 431
  • Injured: +35,000
  • Missing: +65,000
  • Protesters Killed under torture: 391 (also incl in # Syrians killed)
  • Protesters currently incarcerated +212,000
  • Syrian refugees since March:  +19,727
  • Refugees in Turkey: 10,277
  • Refugees in Lebanon: +5,500
  • Refugees in Jordan +4,000

I believe there have been some mixed messages about what the people of Syria want for their country.  Surely there are some people that are in favor of Assad as he has done well by them.  If you asked them, they would tell you that Assad was the best thing since peanut butter. But, most Syrians regardless of culture or religion would tell you that Assad is a heartless, brutal man with no leadership skills who must go now.  I know the Syrians hoped they could beat Assad through passive protesting, however, this has not worked.  In the end, it has only extended his reign and now he tries to extend it further.  Now they just need help, pure and simple!

The unstoppable Ali Ferzat reminds us why the Assad regime hates him
The unstoppable Ali Ferzat reminds us why the Assad regime hates him

The Arab League came to Syria to monitor the “behavior” of all parties in the existing dispute and to collect data about assumed Assad’s atrocities. They did more bickering and running that monitoring.  In fact, the death rate of the Syrian opposition spiked during the time the Arab League has been there.

Latakia pro Assad demonstrators attack on AL observers Cars

I sent a tweet earlier today suggesting that it is time for FSA to try taking Syria a town at a time.  A message came back through a third party that taking Syria could be done but it would take 1.5 yrs. Not sure if it was specifically directed at me. I say the timeline is way too long.  When I am at work my boss says … how do we shave time off that timeline?  I want that timeline pulled in by 50% … Colonel Riad can it be done?  What will it take?

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I have been told that our behavior is reflective of an expected outcome. If we aren't getting adequate attention as a child, we might act out in order to receive the attention we desire." />